Echoes & Lines, weird title huh? It came to me one day while I had a deep connection between a poem, a novel, a podcast, and a song. I felt this current of electricity between these different mediums, on a variety of subjects, that spoke to the human experience; as if our collective human culture was one giant echo of all that was and is, a line of commonality holding us all together.

Here is a space to explore the patterns of our world and attempt to make my own meaningful connections. Here, in this square box called Planet Computer in the vast Internet Universe, I hope to capture my own "echoes" and make my own "lines."

This will look a lot like recaps on my monthly reads, an online catalog of books I have read, curated links to other places on the inter-webs, some pop culture references,  information storehouses (i.e. libraries and bookstores), art, and musings on feminism, social justice, and the wonders Mother Earth. A road map to my brain, if you will.