Friday Links

Is it just me or was the world just overflowing with news and information this week? And by news and information I mostly mean vines like this one. Just remember everyone, while this election is insane, there is a plethora of comedic material at hand. 

What it's like to work in Hollywood if you're not a straight white man

This woman slaying it while she accepts her Oscar. If I ever accept an Oscar, I want to be wearing my jean shorts, chacos, and wolf sweatshirt. #lifegoals #scareallthemen

In related news... Understanding the Patriarchy by bell hooks. Complement it with this article on the new movie WitchesAND THERE'S MORE! Watch Vandana Shiva lay it down as she explains how environmental destruction is linked to patriarchal thinking. 

Capitalist patriarchy gave us first the assumption that nature is dead, when it’s very much alive. This is the first area we need to correct and women are correcting it.

And a little bit of Latin music to restore your faith in humanity 

Remember to take care of yourself this weekend, whether that be in the form of tea and House of Cards or tequila and getting down at a night club. I plan on doing both.