April(ish) Reads

Hello all! I am a little behind here but that's okay! I think it has a lot to do with the weather getting nicer (i.e. me being outside all the time) and going on an incredible trip in my new vanagon! Check out my instagram to see more photos.

These are my April(ish) reads; there is an "ish" because it includes the end of March and the beginning of May. I am already beginning to veer away from my spreadsheet that I created back in January but I am still sticking to my 10% white male rule. In fact, I have read 0 books by white men this year and I am feeling pretty good about that. 

12/52: The Liar's Club - Mary Karr // A powerful memoir that is the first in a series of Mary Karr's personal accounts of her upbringing. There are some intense scenes of physical and sexual abuse in this book, so please read with caution. 

13/52: The Gutsy Girl - Caroline Paul // A really fun and inspiring read about women who do amazing and gutsy things, like climbing to the top of the Golden Gate bridge, hang gliding in South America, and sailing around the world. I would highly recommend this short and fun read to all those needing a little boost in the risk taking department (i.e. me!)

14/52: Earth Democracy - Vandana Shiva // I wrote a review of this one here.

15/52: Things Fall Apart - Chinua Achebe // Heartbreaking, frustrating, poetic, and a classic. I loved reading Chinua Achebe after reading a few of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's works. They are both Nigerian writers who capture the spirit of their culture in a very powerful and diverse way. 

16/52: State of Change - Laura Cunningham // Where to even begin with this one? I picked up this book at the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur. It documents what California's landscapes were like before colonialism and industrialization. Laura Cunningham, who is a naturalist, illustrator, and paleontologist, worked on this book for over 20 years! Her illustrations are stunning and tug at something deep inside of us; perhaps this yearning for a healthier ecosystem. This book inspired me to buy a field guide for the Cascade mountains and a set of field notes. I even started identifying the plants in my backyard! I read this book while I was on a road trip through California, I even visited some of the exact locations of her illustration, like this one pictured below:

The Santa Barbara Mission depicted before the arrival of the Spanish. 

The Santa Barbara Mission depicted before the arrival of the Spanish. 

It was a great month of reading!

Remember to check out my Library page for a full list of what I have read this year.