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Oh link posts, I have missed you so! 

No mercy my friends, let us dive right back into this messy world and try to make sense of things. 

How American healthcare systemically oppresses the poor and elderly

Favorite headline of the year so far: Brown Girl Punks Fight Bro Culture on Bikes

24 things women can finally do

On the exploitation of women's bodies: "The game is rigged. There is no perfection."

Maybe don't get a new iPhone every year... 

Dear America, don't be an asshole to Puerto Rico

Debunking Trump

(i.e. common myths and misconceptions about America's homegrown monster, or how this situation isn't a #dumptrump and we'll all be fine. This is systemic; getting rid of this orange man is not going to stop xenophobia, sexism, homophobia, racism, economic injustice, and the curse of not being born as an affluent white man. Trump is just another physical manifestation of the oppression that America is built off of. AKA Stop being surprised by all this.)

1. On women: "...Being called "ugly" is [not] a phenomenon related to the rise of a boorish presidential candidate rather than the lifelong status quo for every living, breathing woman. Every time we open a magazine, turn on the television, or flick through Instagram, we get strong messages about what is and isn’t attractive. And most of the time, that message says we aren’t living up. By patriarchy's measure, we're all major uggos." 

2. On his supporters being uneducated idiots: "When Trump's supporters aren't being written off as intellectually incapable of knowing a huckster when they see one, their motivations are often ascribed to their being "working class." But the working class today is nearly 40 percent people of color — and among people of color, Trump is profoundly unpopular. His coalition is nearly entirely white. Even the class part of the "working class" narrative is inaccurate; Trump's supporters are wealthier than most Americans, and have higher incomes than supporters of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. The "working class revolt" explanation for Trump's rise is overstated — and it can be a useful dodge to avoid talking about explanations involving racial grievance."    

3. On his supporters being radical racists: Racist, sure! Radical, no. "For Americans opposed to Trump, it’s tempting to believe that his base is a shrinking part of America; that these are the death throes of racial reaction. Eventually, goes the thinking, they’ll fade from view too. That is wishful thinking. America is a diverse country. But it’s still a predominantly white one, where a Trumpist movement can still encompass millions of voters. And “eventually” might be a while. In the space between now and then, Trumpism—the potent mix of open prejudice, nationalist aggression, and heterodox economic policy—could thrive. In fact, it likely will, since the trends that produced Trump—a brittle economy, an ailing white working-class, an insecure white middle-class, a rising nonwhite population, political gridlock, and growing minority political power—are ongoing."

4. On this being strictly an American problem: Nope. Globally, right-wing populism is all the rage right now.

So why did I just spend so much time debunking all these Trump myths? Probably because I am sick and tired of people being "surprised" by Trump and "shocked" by his bigotry and racism. This isn't surprising and it isn't shocking; this is exactly what our country is built off of; white supremacy, patriarchy, imperialism, and the exploitation of the "other." The collective denial of America's roots will have us repeating our bloody history time and time again. 

So ya... Happy Friday? 

Clearly I'm on fire this week, watch out world.