Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot

In the spirit of the Gilmore Girls revival coming out on November 25th, I have decided to watch all 153 episodes of Gilmore Girls and blog about them in 153 words or less. It is basically about books because this is like the most bookish show around. By the way, this little intro does not count towards the 153. So here we go...

I love that the first pop culture reference is a Jack Kerouac one.

Rory's white sweater is really important. 

When Dean first sees Rory, Rory is saying the words “bundle of sticks up your butt.” Premonition on how horrible Dean will be?

Dean is gross. And will always be gross. 

Melissa McCarthy brings me an inappropriate amount of joy.

Things I still say to this day: “I want to take a bath in that sauce!”

and... “People are particularly stupid today and I can’t talk to any more of them”

The way Rory first talks to Dean when they meet is disgustingly close to how I first talked to my husband when we met. 

The nostalgia I feel when I hear Sam Phillips is real AF. "That's Where the Colors Don't Go" comes on and my heart just can't.

Lorelai’s feminism is so important. Fight me on it. Please. 

Macy Gray. That’s all.