Friday Links

Your Body is a Space That Sees by Lia Halloran

Happy Friday internet friends! Yesterday I made some changes to this space, mostly with this awesome new series I am starting.  Now, I didn't calculate how annoying/kind of impossible it would be to review all 153 episodes of Gilmore Girls by the time the revival comes out on November 25th. It is 118 days away and I have a feeling people don't want me pushing out 1-2 of these a day. Plus, I really don't want to do that. So, all 153 Gilmore Girls episodes will be reviewed in 153 words or less, but perhaps by next year, not in a few months. 

Alright... to the links!

My week in podcasts

Tell Me I'm Fat - This American Life

Your Life is a Poem - On Being

"...the feeling that you’re not battered by thought in a poem, but you are sort of as if you’re riding the wave of thought, as if you’re allowing thought to enter. You’re shifting. You’re changing. You’re looking. You are in a sensibility that allows you that sort of mental, emotional, spiritual interaction with everything around you.

I think it’s very, very helpful for mental health, actually. I mean, I really wonder sometimes what it would be like to live without that apprehension — that you could have a thought, shape a thought, change a thought, look at the words in a thought."

Phoebe and Ilana Glazer Make America Great Again - Sooo Many White Guys

Bad ass women following the Call of the Forest - Unlearn & Rewild

My week in books and pop culture

NPR's read, watch, binge! series is everything I need come winter when I hibernate.

Where Rory has an iphone and Lorelai talks about Amy Schumer.

Holy shit! My vagina and I can officially become a presidential nominee. But we both know that I am too lazy for that job.

Bill Clinton and balloons: the most important news story of the week.

My week in news I found that is really important but will definitely kill the mood at a party

Half of all U.S. food produce is thrown away; we don't even have the decency to compost it.

10 companies own almost all the world's food brands. Who knew the devil looked liked a coca-cola, some sugar cereal, and a chocolate bar? 

On the gentrification of living in small spaces

"But as with anything real-estate-related in this country, even tiny houses come with their own set of privilege and class assumptions that end up dictating who gets to live in them and where they get to put them — and often shut out those who could benefit the most from the tiny house movement... while people have been living in small homes forever, it’s just that now, as (overwhelmingly) white and middle-class people are doing it, there’s finally something to celebrate. It’s not new for people to be living in RVs or mobile homes; it’s just that now there’s a new vocabulary to gentrify living in a small space."

White friends, don't expect a pat on the back and a plate of cookies when you decide to stop being racist.

Man friends, don't expect a pat on the back and a plate of cookies when you decide to stop being misogynists. 

Well that's that. Hope you all have a great weekend! I'm going backpacking and I'm hoping to not be killed a bear.