Friday Links

When libraries and nutrition programs combine!

Teenage 'Eagle Huntress' Overturns 2,000 Years of Male Tradition... now that is one bad ass headline.

A visual history of Seattle's Public Libraries

A Tale of Two Gospels... two very different gospels. 

Glory in the limitations and free access of GIFS 

Emma Watson starts a feminist book club on Goodreads... aka Hermoine in real life. 

Alternative names for "resting bitch face", here are a few of my favorites:

"You’re Clearly Struggling With My Failure to Conform to Your Stupid Expectations Face"

"This is All a Bunch of Bureaucratic Nonsense Face"

"Please Stop Touching My Shoulder Face"

Have a lovely weekend!

Friday Links

"God sent an angel. One of his least qualified, though. Fluent only in
Lemme get back to you."

Being a non-racist does nothing to help fight injustice in the world. 

Museums on Instagram 

A powerful podcast on W.E.B. Du Bois and the American Soul. “The problem of the Twentieth Century is the problem of the color line.”

A real life story on the price of luxury condos in Seattle. 

Norway's National Library Discovers Rare Atlas — With A Little Help From Reddit

Aidy Bryant's (and many other awesome women's) new years resolutions: "I'm going to keep accidentally sleeping in makeup and then wearing it the next day. I woke up like this … and then fixed it a little, and now I'm gonna live my damn life."

Friday Links

To accompany my last post on my reading goals for 2016: A year of reading and watching stories by anyone but white men 

Public domain for the win! You do you, New York Public Library!

A great read for all of us who are trying to grasp the concept of being ourselves while everyone else is telling us to be someone else. Where do we draw the line between  taking in criticism and respecting who we are? 

To expand on that thought: Can we just, like, get over they way women talk? Also, don't tell me to lean in. I will lean back as long as I'd like to. 

"Asking women to modify their speech is just another way we are asked to internalize and compensate for sexist bias in the world. We can’t win by eliminating just from our emails and like from our conversations."        

Turning guns into garden tools. Redemption at it's finest.                               

An incredible article about the importance of libraries. And a quote from it...

"But we do need libraries. In a world of superabundant information, they curate and collect and discriminate and care for the good stuff—the stuff really smart people have worked to create and preserve, the stuff you can rely on when you want to understand the world deeply and accurately, the stuff too complicated to come into existence by crowd-sourcing, too unpopular to be foisted on us by corporations or politicians. Librarians—smart, professional, dispassionate about everything but the truth—are the Jedi knights of our culture’s future and deserve to be respected for that."

Have a glorious weekend!

Friday Links

Fiery Comet - Carson Ellis

Short answers to hard questions about climate change.

Privilege explained by a mollusk and an insect.

"And this, I’m sure, is why I read poetry. As Li-Young Lee puts it in this interview: Poetry is 'the condition of language when it is influenced by the sacred experience.'" 

Saudi Women fighting the good fight

I want to have "Book Concierge" on my resume. I'm looking at you NPR. #lifegoals

A year of reading a book from every country in the world

Anecdotal data regarding one of the biggest fears of our time. 

A humorous approach to one of the biggest problems of our time. 

Rest up this weekend and be kind to yourselves. For me that will look like wine, yoga, books, and good company. 

Friday Links

"All the Moons of our Solar System" - Stella Maria Baer

A powerful TED talk on climate change and its effects on human life, especially the poor. 

Some soul music to restore your faith in humankind. 

Weapons of mass instruction

The New York Public Library and its new underground project

An awesome map that shows where America's greatest novels took place

An animated short on Brené Brown's concept of empathy. 

Lastly, here are three responses regarding last week's tragic events: 

"Where does it hurt, O City of Light?"

"A War on Happiness"

"Grief Knows No Native Tongue - But we must listen, where ever it speaks" 

Have a lovely, peace-filled weekend!